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75 years is worth celebrating!


Upton, June 22, 2021 –


The year 2021 will be festive with the 75th anniversary of Équipements Adrien Phaneuf thanks to contests, prizes, surprises and the selection of official spokespersons in the agricultural community. If the contribution of various types of producers is essential to the community, the practical innovation of CASE IH products put forward by the third generation of the Phaneuf family is essential to reap the rewards of hard work.


Heirs to a long family tradition


It all started in the aftermath of World War II when the founder of the company, Adrien Phaneuf, blacksmith and farrier, began selling agricultural equipment under the banner of International Harvester, which would then become Case IH in 1984. In his dealership, one could find a variety of products such as trucks, automobiles and appliances, as well as farm equipment or garden and lawn tractors from the well-known Cub Cadet brand. When the founder died in 1968, the management family grew to include Mr. Yvon Phaneuf, Ms. Andrée Théroux and Mr. Rhéal Théroux. In 1982, Adrien Phaneuf Inc. became Les Équipements Adrien Phaneuf Inc., to properly represent the company’s complete product offering.


The tradition continues with now a third generation. It was in November 2001 that Charles Phaneuf and Mr. Hugues Théroux took over and became owners of the family business. At the heart of Adrien Phaneuf Equipment’s success for 75 years, the family has always been key to their continued success.


“Become a spokesperson for the 75th Anniversary” contest


Seventy-five years of existence, is also 75 years of loyal customers to the company for  several years yes, but especially for several decades. For this reason, Les Équipements Adrien Phaneuf will launch during the month of July on their Facebook page, the contest “Become a spokesperson for the 75th Anniversary”. This initiative aims to meet its most loyal followers. Nine people will be offered surprise gifts including their personalized emoji to mark this grand event. The competition will share the story of several producers and that of their relationships with Adrien Phaneuf Equipment over the years. Details for entering the competition will be posted on the Facebook page on July 1st, 2021.


The 150 family members in EMOJIS by Loogart


Les Équipements Adrien Phaneuf is family spirit at its best. In addition to the 9 contest winners, each of the 150 employees of the enterprise will also have their emoji produced by the world-renowned Montreal artist, Chris Soueidan of Loogart. An excellent festive way to animate communications throughout the year.


Planned surprises during the entire year


An anniversary is also synonymous with gifts and surprises, and this is what the Adrien Phaneuf Equipment team intends to offer to its employees, customers and the public over the next year. Whether it’s contests where it will be possible to win big or attend colorful events, everyone will be a winner.


Follow Les Équipements Adrien Phaneuf Inc. on Facebook and their website ( so not to miss any of the 75th anniversary programming as well as the latest news. We continue the family tradition by inviting you to the party. It takes a lot of people to blow out 75 candles.


Adrien Phaneuf Equipment Inc.


With their eight stores across the province of Quebec, Les Équipements Adrien Phaneuf Inc. are grateful for their multi-million-dollar sales and appreciate more than 150 employees. The success of the company is based on the availability, the service but more importantly the efficiency and the dedication of its staff.  Adrien Phaneuf Equipment Inc. shows a strong loyalty to its customers in the region as well as to its manufacturer CASE IH for whom practical innovation has always been at the heart of its success.


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